The Khan Sisters are Kardashians of India. The following for this reality show has accelerated and gone right through the roof in the last 2 months. Celebrity sisters Gauher and Nigaar Khan have had more wardrope malfunctions than we can imagine. All this is because the world is watching these 2 girls.
khan-sistersGauher Khan, obviously the better looking of the 2 is sort after by SET India (Sony India) and UTV Bindass. Born in Maharashtra on 23 August 1981, she has well known for her role in movies like Ranbir Kapoor and Miss India: Mystery.
Nager Khan really got her fame on the back of her sister Gauher Khan. Thanks to the Khan Sisters Reality Show, she is now also high up there in fame.
For the more mature Indian, all this can seem quite disturbing. The fact that India now has become Americanised. Interestingly Americanism is a Bollywood or North Indian culture. South Indian still manages to keep more of their clothes on when it comes to movies. But the underlying fact is that India will get gobbled up by the ‘R’ rated world of movies over time. Some of us manage this with a pinch of salt. Some of us sulk and complain in anger. Apart from that there is nothing else that we seem to be able to do to fix it.
Now back to the sultry Khan Sisters. Bindass currently host the Reality TV show Khan Sisters. khan-sistersThis has been the biggest attraction for viewers to UTV Bindass. Would you believe the main viewers are young unmarried and married girls. The boys just like to have a look…or should we say perve then go on with other things like watching a good movie like “3 Idiots”.
Apart from the Khan Sisters, Bindass does have some good shows. To name one, Big Switch is a good show on how a rich kid learns the hardships of living a poor life. Aloo Chaat is also a great entertainment program with people like Shahid Kapoor and Aaliya.
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