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Indian-iptvThese are the buzz words among our NRIs all over the world today. To date we Indians are the hardest bunch to please. We want everything free. If not we’ll find a way to get it illegally. Then we complain that the copy is not clear.

While this is not statistically recorded, it is said that there are between  40 to 100 million Indians living outside of India. This why there are so many free serials shown on youtube. We don’t want to pay for it but we want to watch it.

So enter IPTV, the new way to watch free TV. Providers around the world realised that the only way to lure Indians to pay for a service (God forbid. Does that actually happen?), they needed to provide an IP set top box offering IPTV. We won’t explain IPTV as most Indians should already know what this is. If not CLICK HERE to find out more.

Popular set top boxes today for Indian TV:

We have to confess. Apple TV, Google TV and Roku are possibly the most flexible when it comes to watching Western English language channels. On top of this they have the ability to push through free to air Indian channels like Aastha TV. But when it comes to quality channels, is definitely the best. Where else can you get the ever popular SET India or sometime known as Sony Entertainment Television (India).  Zee TV, Zee Movies and more are best pushed through on IP through Watch India.
We are not writing off Apple TV or Google TV or even Roku. All you have to realise if you live in the Americas, UK , Australia or New Zealand is that English is the primary offering on free TV. These devices again offer English TV first. Roku is a lot more flexible. But only for the American customer. There’s no Roku for the Aussie or Kiwi. That is without doing illegal things like spoofing USA IPs.

Watch India is very focused on their offering. We think that the Diwali rate of USD$249.00 per year is possibly the best deal on the table for Indians today. At under 80 cents per day, you cannot complain can you?

Click the link below to watch quality Indian TV now.


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