As a person of Punjabi decent, you would have heard of PTC Punjabi. For those of you who don’t know, PTC Punjabi is fast becoming the most popular channel for Punjabis around the world. It is a satellite channel launched with NRIs in mind.

ptc punjabi onlineThe channel was launched by G Next Media, the same people who launched the very successful ETC Channel and Zee Punjabi.

PTC has now also been launched in Canada, USA and Australia on the Satellite network. Satellite networks providers like Vision Asia and Konnectv in Australia.

PTC Punjabi has selected Watchindia TV to be their international IP content distribution agent. That means that Punjabis worldwide can enjoy this fantastic channel under $1 per month.

The thing about the Watchindia service is that it is IP based. All you need is good Internet at home and you can stream these channels directly onto the TV using a set top box provided by Watch India – free.

We suggest that when you subscribe for PTC Punjabi, you firstly select the Mega Punjabi pack. This pack includes Zee Punjabi and DD Punjabi as its base Punjabi channels. Additional channels are 9XM, Zoom TV and Zee Cinema just to name a few. There are 22 channels in total. Click screenshot below to see full image.

watch ptc punjabi online

The next step is to select “add content”. In this area you add the PTC channels. We suggest you add 3 channels

  1. PTC CHAK – The 24 hour music channel. Refreshing nonstop Punjabi music .
  2. PTC News – A dedicated new channel presented in Punjabi.
  3. PTC Punjabi – This is the bluechip channel that offers 24 hour programs including kabadi matches that started 1 November.

Click screenshot below to see full image.

ptc punjabi live online

After selecting Mega Punjabi, click “choose plan” and select “crazy plan” on the next screen. The crazy plan lets you watch your favourite programs both on your TV as well as on your computer. Click screenshot below to see full image.

ptc punjabi live streaming

And there you have it! PTC Punjabi in your lounge. Watch Top shows like Miss PTC Punjabi 2011, movies, serials like Chak De Punjabi and religious boradcasts from the Golden Temple.

Click the link below to start watching

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  1. sam says:

    do someone knows how to watch ptc channel punjabi online? if yes, plz reply back

  2. watchindia says:

    Follow the instructions on this post

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