The first thing to clarify is that no matter what IPTV providers you choose,if your Internet is not up to scratch, nothing will work. IPTV is based on how fast and reliable your Internet is. Speed tests should be done before you subscribe to any IPTV service. One of the best ways to carry out a speed test is to go to If you do not live in the USA then make sure you run the test between your country and North America.  The speed test will tell you how much bandwidth your Internet Service Provider has when it comes to International traffic.

YuppTV has always been WatchIndia’s biggest competition. Both providers offer good service. But the crunch really comes when it comes to choosing the language group. In terms of cost, both of them charge a similar amount, between $240 to $250 per year. This includes the set top box.

North Indian TV Channels definitely does a whole lot better than YuppTV when it comes to providing channels for North Indians. The primary reason is because Watch India have managed to secure Zee TV and SET India (Sony India). All the channels listed below are available throughout the world.

Watch India  recently included PTC Punjabi, another big name in the Indian TV world.

PTC Punjabi

Channels WatchIndia YuppTV
Zee TV Yes No
Zee Movies Yes No
9X TV Yes No
SET India (Sony India) Yes No


South Indian TV Channels

South Indian TV channels are a little different.  Sun Network are the biggest provider of South Indian channels. YuppTV have got the scoop on their channels. Sun, Surya, Gemini and Udaya TV are all provided by YuppTV, not Watch India. YuppTV also have available on their channels Vijay TV.

Panjabi TVBetween both stations there is still the standard offerings like Raj Digital are available on both providers.

Sadly, the Sun Group of companies do not telecast outside of North America. That means, apart from Vijay TV, all list below are only available in North America.

Channel WatchIndia YuppTV
Sun TV No Yes
Surya TV No Yes
Udaya TV No Yes
Gemini TV No Yes
Jeya TV No Yes


Clarity and Reliability

Interestingly, Northern Indian TV has been the better of the 2 when it comes to reliability and clarity. We have subscribers from all over the world using and found that there is really minimal buffering with the service provided by Watch India or Yupp TV. There is always bad publicity put out by a small minority about the bad service and quality. But as a user of both services I have found that the online helpdesk is always available to help me. When you start and open chat with them, you get a response with 1 minute.

IPTV Set Top Box

Both companies offer set top boxes. YuppTV are one ahead of Watch India. They provide their channel on standard devices like Roku. They also have apps for android and Iphones.

Roku + Netflix = Instant Movies on your TV

Watch India provide their own set top box. This put pressure on them as we, as users of their service would have to go back to them if our set top box becomes faulty.

Summary and conclusion

Both providers offer a reasonable service to NRIs.  Considering that there are more than 20 million NRIs living permanently outside India, you would expect that the High Definition among other things. Unfortunately this is not the case with the channels that come through. I personally am very happy with what I have. I get to watch what I like when I want to.

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